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Give your life a spark!

Reconnect with the path of your soul by the hand of your guides and your angels

We dive into the path of self-knowledge to find in ourselves those answers we are looking for
with the support of our guides and masters.

Meet Patricia

Hello! My name is Patricia and I could define myself as a channel of high vibrational frequencies. To put a title on it, it would be something like a "mix" between channeler, medium, psychic, therapist and intuitive coach.


Are you searching for that "I don't know what"? Do you have the feeling that something is missing in your life, that there is something more, even though on "paper" everything is fine? Or are you trying to give structure to that soul-filling project?


An ALMA healing session with your high vibrational light beings can be an excellent way to get a new perspective on your life, your own reality and even your own entrepreneurship from the inner search for the unique self that dwells within you.


As a channel of messages and energetic harmonization, I love to help my clients identify what is interfering with their personal goals on their path to wholeness which helps us to find our way from that inner connection with our own soul.


In my experience, many people already possess the knowledge they seek deep within, all they need is the right spiritual direction to find the answers that lie within their inner being.



It is with deep joy that I work with each consultant to help them achieve their full potential.

My mission is to serve as an energy channel and deliver channeled messages from your guides, loved ones and your angels, who lovingly help you in your personal processes and bring healing to your life.

The guidance I offer is focused in a holistic way. Body, mind and soul must work together. On the tangible realm, guidance arises from my preparation, studies and own experience.  On the intangible realm, guidance arises from the unconditional love that emanates from the universal source.




Patricia Poustkova, PhD.

Nupaky, Czech Republic.

WhatsApp, Telegram : +420 722 891 015 

*Time Zone: Central Europe

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