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My sessions

Find the details of the sessions I can offer you in this place.

All sessions are offered remotely via Zoom.

Do you have doubts or questions?... Write me!

Distance is just an illusion :)

- Patricia.

Hello! Before booking a session, please read here... Thank you!

* Session booking will be made upon payment.

* Cancellations will be accepted 48 hours prior to the therapy session and the full price of the session will be refunded but not the transaction fees.


Email me at or via WhatsApp at +420 722 891 015 to coordinate times. Please consider that my time zone is Central Europe... anyway write me whenever you want, I will answer you as soon as possible.


Dear soul, you must keep in mind that channeling and intuitive coaching are not a divinatory tool, we do not read the future (the future does not exist yet, they are only probable energies), but the angels and your guides, from love, give us clarity to understand our process in which we find ourselves today. They give us guidance and advice to resolve our situations in a better way and help us understand that we are here in a constant learning process. The angels and your guides are always ready to give us their support so you can find your way to the fulfillment and calm you are looking for.


* It is possible that in a channeling or energetic harmonization therapy session, your loved ones who are no longer on this plane may want to be present, their presence does not depend on me. 

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