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My approach

Everything is vibration, we are energy in motion....


Based on the fact that we are energy, and if we open ourselves to the possibility of feeling other frequencies, we can connect with the invisible and the subtle, with other dimensions and other beings that we cannot see with our physical eyes, such as our guides, angels and our loved ones who have moved to better lives.


And that is what I put into practice in my sessions.

I could define myself as a channeler, therapist and intuitive coach.


Channeling is the ability to connect with those other frequencies in an intuitive way that can come in the form of messages or energetic healing. When it comes in the form of messages it can be through cards (tarot and oracles) or in spoken form and that is why my sessions flow through a video conference like any other video call.


I can also channel energies in the form of energetic harmonization, such as aligning your chakras or detecting and releasing wounds stored in our energy field with different tools such as Tamenana (Pleiadian therapy) or Angelic Quantum Healing with Archangel Michael.


When we contact your loved ones who have already departed to another plane, we do it in a different way, in a tone of celebration, joy and gratitude. We open the door to whoever of your loved ones has to come at that time and we communicate through proofs of life / evidence, experiences, things they have lived in this existence. The evidence of life itself is the message that life continues from the other side and continues to be with you.


I would like you to know that I do not make predictions, but together with the guides, we discover what you need to reconnect with your essence. The guides give you advice and guidance to live a better life that is reflected in the day to day, more aligned to what your soul needs.


Are you up for it?


I am a certified Coaching, Therapist, Angelic Intuitive Coach. Tameana Facilitator at all levels. As well as other certifications of courses and workshops in Mediumship, Oracles and Tarot Reading, Pendulum, Bach Flower Esences, Pleiadian Healing, Medicine Wheel, among others.


In addition, I have a certification in Personal Fitness Training and I am a Nutritional Advisor certified by the Czech Ministry of Health. 


And a little bit about where I come from... I studied Bachelor of Science and a Biochemistry Masters at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. I did my PhD studies in Molecular Genetics and Biomedicine at Charles University (Univerzita Karlova) in Prague, Czech Republic.


I would love to walk with you to help you in your own process!




Patricia Poustkova, PhD.

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