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Let's go one step further!


Would you like to connect even more with your intuition?

Learn new tools for your self-knowledge, raise your vibration or help others?

In this section I share the formations that I offer to expand your being and spiritual tools.


Tameana Facilitator Intensive Training

Dates: May 14, 20 and 21, 2023.

Duration: 3 hours.

The day 14.05 duration of 2 hours max.

Platform: Zoom


We start at 4 PM Spain!

04 PM ENG | 11 AM ARG | 10 AM CHI | 09 AM COLOR | 08 AM MEX

Please confirm the time in your country.


Sign up here!


The training includes:

Intensive training main levels of Tameana, Levels I (Salush Nahi, individual triangle),

Level II (Puja, group),

Level IV (Ma'at or tamenana of the heart).

In addition to:

H'AMA environments,

personal H'AMA,

Tameana children, pets and

extra symbols level I.

  • Original manual by Juan Manuel Giordano.

  • Presentation in pdf of the course

  • Audios channeled by Juan Manuel Giordano for the different practices.

  • Templates for practices.

  • Practices.

What you need before the training:

  • 6 faceted quartz crystals (transparent) in the shape of an obelisk (6 sides) measuring 1.5 - 2 cm at the base and 4-5 cm high.

  • Tourmaline (not essential).

  • Join the Telegram group.

What do you need during the training:


  • attend meetings

  • Do practices with your partners (have the possibility to lie down for the practice and use headphones for a better connection)

  • Enjoy!


154 EUR · 170 USD · 3700 KČ · $135000 CLP · 3050 MEX


MEANS OF PAYMENT: PayPal (+5% additional), Revolut and bank transfer in Chile and the EU. 

For inquiries write to:


WhatsApp: +420 722 891 015

Instagram: @_almahealing


Thanks for participating!

Patricia Poustkova, PhD.


I personally adore this tool, especially how it raises the vibration and aligns you with the path of your soul. And for this reason I would love it if they could also experience it as therapists. 

All information will be shared through the group. Telegram.

To complete the certification, it is important to practice with your peers. There will be a Telegram group for two weeks for you to do your practices and solve queries since most of the queries appear at the time of the practice.

This intensive Tameana Online training consists of three days, a Sunday and a full weekend.

We will start on Sunday May 14 where we will share basic concepts and we will start with level 1 of tameana Salus Nahi. We start a week before so you can practice with your classmates during the week. You must enter the Telegram group where we will share information.

The meeting on May 14 will have a maximum duration of 2 hours (in some countries Mother's Day is celebrated).

Then, we will meet on Saturday the 20th to continue with Tameana PUJA, Tamena children and pets and additional level 1 symbols. 

We will end Sunday 21 with Tameana from the heart as well as Tameana H'AMA for environments and  H'AMA personal.

The duration of the training on days 20 and 21 lasts 3 hours each day. We will close with a guided meditation and PUJA tameana for the group.

Intuitive Oracle Reading Workshop

Would you like to learn to read and interpret oracle cards?

This basic intuitive reading workshop is for you!

We will start with a meditation to open space and the third eye.

I will tell you the basics of how intuition works and how to work with the cards.

We will do a practice and then we will close the space.

Save the dates and get an oracle to call you!

Sunday June 11.


08:00 AM MEX · 09:00 AM COL · 10:00 PM CHI · 11:00 PM ARG · 04:00 PM ESP

Platform: Zoom

Duration: 3 hours.


Energy exchange: 

47 EUR 52 USD $35000 CLP 1100 Kc 888MEX

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